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What type of events do you do?

From the intimate warmth of private celebrations to the grand stage of corporate showcases, we've bartended it all. Our versatile team thrives on the challenge of adapting our craft to suit the diverse array of events we encounter. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for mixology, we ensure that each drink we serve adds a touch of sophistication and flair to your gathering.


What are your payment policies?

We require a $250 deposit to book an event. Full payment must be paid one week before the event.  If the event shall exceed the original time frame established, every hour will be an additional $200 (alcohol packages list the additional hour amount).


Why would I do a full-service alcohol package?

Convenience and Value. We often shop from 5-6 different stores for our supplies. Most do-it-yourself clients tell us afterwards that it was a lot more work than they thought and that next time they are just going to have us handle the provisions


What is your cancelation policy?

Full deposits are refunded 90 days prior to the event. Within 60 days you will get 50% back. Under 60 days no refund is established due to high demand and lack of availability. 


Are we insured?

Yes, we are covered in both general and liquor liability.


What happens if I run out of alcohol prior to the event ending or have some left over?

We are a dry bar with a license to only serve. It will be your responsibility to provide additional alcohol.


How big is our trailer?

The trailer is 7ft wide and the length is 12ft, the height is 8ft tall. 

If you are looking put it in small location please make sure my team will have enough space to fit my trailer and truck. 

 How many drinks come with your beverage packages?

We ensure ample supplies for adult-style cocktail parties (excluding shots), though they are not infinite due to the product's cost. Occasionally, one beer brand might run out, but beer, wine, and hard alcohol have never completely depleted. We inquire about your group's drink preferences upfront to accommodate extra stock. 

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