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Mobile Trailer Bar for events
Owner and Founder of Boozy Bar Trailers.

My Story

Welcome to Boozy Bar Trailers. My name is Natalie, a Native to Phoenix. When I started this company there was one goal I had in mind, to make sure people love the atmosphere this bar brings to any occasion. You will feel at ease knowing all your bartending needs are met and under control, offering full-service bartending with a swanky cocktail vibe.

Our licensed bartenders are committed to serving your specialty cocktail and craft beer needs to make your event a memorable one. We offer a range of customizable packages to cater to your unique requirements. Trust us to personalize your event and make it extra.

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Cocktail Preparation


What type of events do you bartend for?


Our mobile bar service is the perfect addition to any event, big or small. We provide bartending services for weddings, backyard gatherings, corporate events, street fairs, baby showers, and much more. With a wide range of drink options and professional bartenders, your guests will be talking about your event for years to come.

What are your payment policies?

We require a $250 deposit to book an event. Full payment must be made before the day booked.  If the event shall exceed the time frame establish, every hour will be an additional $150 that will need to be paid at the end of the event. 

Can we have a cash bar?

If it is implied that cash is being exchanged for drinks or that guests are buying tickets to exchange for drinks you must have a #15 Special Event License issued from the Arizona Dept of Liquor Licenses & Controls. It is the client/charitable organization’s responsibility to apply for the license. You still need insured bartenders. That's where I come in to do the actual pouring and provide the proof of  liquor liability insurance. Bartenders can take cash for drinks or you can sell drink tickets at the registration table and Bartenders can accept the tickets in exchange for drinks. Any Cash/Bank, Cash Drawer and/or Drink Tickets are to be provided by the client. Contact AZ Dept Liquor Licensing & Control 602-542-9032 

How big is our trailer?


The trailer is 7ft wide and the length is 11ft, the height is 8ft tall. 

If you are looking put it in small location please make sure my team will have enough space to fit my trailer and truck. 

What is your cancelation policy?

Full deposits are refunded 90 days prior to the event. Within 60 days you will get 50% back. Under 60 days no refund is available due to high demand and lack of availability. 

Why would I do a full-service alcohol package?

Convenience and Value. We often shop from 5-6 different stores for our supplies. Most do-it-yourself clients tell us afterwards that it was a lot more work than they thought and that next time they are just going to have us handle the provisions

Are we insured?


Yes, we are covered in both general and liquor liability. 

What happens if I run out of alcohol prior to the event ending or have left overs?

We are a dry bar with a license to serve. It will be your responsibility to provide additional alcohol.  

 How many drinks come with your beverage packages?

We ensure ample supplies for adult-style cocktail parties (excluding shots), though they are not infinite due to the product's cost. Occasionally, one beer brand might run out, but beer, wine, and hard alcohol have never completely depleted. We inquire about your group's drink preferences upfront to accommodate extra stock. 


Tel: 480-217-5921

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